My name is Scott. My father's name is Bruce. He used to supplement his income in the 70's by making handmade jewelry out of antler under the banner of Floating Horse Design. It was a process which he was told was impossible and would undoubtedly fail. It was largely due to this challenge that he soldiered on and developed the process I use today. There are still people, over 40 years later, who wear his belt buckles or earrings daily. They are cherished pieces and among their most valued possessions. 


When I was dating my now wife, I wanted to make her a pair of my dad's earrings for her birthday. We met at his shop, dug through his old notes, scraps of antler, and jars of stones. By the end of the day I was holding a pair of one of a kind antler and turquoise earrings, and I was hooked. I have made countless pairs since that day, developed new techniques, and built new product lines on top of my father's original innovations. Today, there is little difference between a pair he made in 1976 in the cabin he and my mother built in the mountains of Idaho, and the ones I make.