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As you can imagine, much of making things is dependent on having the right tools for the job. Some tools can serve many purposes, like a drum sander, while others are more process specific, like a pin vice. No matter the extreme, it can often be difficult to justify the costs associated with acquiring, setting up and learning a new tool. I typically fall in to the camp of, “buy an inexpensive version of the tool to see how it fits in to my workflow” before investing in to the ‘real deal’. One of my favorite stores to look for budget friendly tooling is Harbor Freight. Granted, the majority of their selection is not of the highest quality, but you also will not pay the premiums you would for a name brand tool. They have constant coupons and deep deals for extra hungry customers. They are a must for anyone needing to tool up, or even just to find things you never knew you needed.

Scott Whipple4 Comments